Proven Copper-Theft Prevention    


FACT:  AC copper theft victims spend $1,200 -$10,500 to replace or repair damaged air conditioners.

FACT:  Stolen or 'stripped' air conditioners are not covered by most home insurance policies. 

FACT:   A professionally  installed air conditioner cage can prevent copper-theft at a fraction of the cost it takes to repair or replace a raided or stolen A/C unit.  

FACT:  Air conditioner cages from AC Security Systems have a 99.8% success rate of theft prevention. 

AC Security Systems: Proven Protection 
from Georgia's Fastest Growing Criminal Trend: Copper-Theft

The rising price of copper, declining economy and easy access to air conditioners outside of homes and buildings have ignited A/C copper-theft across the nation. In some states, like Georgia, metro police departments have even developed specialty task-force units, dedicated to resolving and preventing copper-theft crimes. Unfortunately, it’s a crime that has continued to rapidly gain momentum, despite police efforts.

What You Can Do
A professionally installed air conditioner security cage is the best way to prevent copper-theft. Don’t let anyone sell you an A/C security cage that you have to install yourself. Thieves who steal copper know what their craft and can easily get through an air conditioner security cage that has not been installed by an industry professional.    

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A/C Copper-Theft: Top Two Questions
Why would an unprotected air conditioner on one property invite crime to the entire neighborhood or community?

Crime reports suggest that once copper-thieves discover a home or building with unsecured AC units, they tend to sweep the surrounding neighborhood and community for more exposed copper steal before leaving the area.  

How do thieves steal copper from my air conditioner?

Thieves usually gain access by ‘stripping’ an air conditioner’s external structure, or simply taking the entire AC unit from its platform.
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